The Problem With Nascar’s Ban on The Confederate Flag

29th Jul 2020

Why Was The Confederate Flag Banned By Nascar?

In early June this year, Nascar announced that they will be banning Confederate Flags from all their events and that the flag can no longer be displayed by any Nascar drivers. The decision came after Bubba Wallace Jr. said the flag was making himself and other people “uncomfortable” and that it was inducing a lot of hate in the country. But not everyone in the Nascar community felt the same. On Twitter, many users have spoken out against the decision, tweeting remarks such as “This is the final straw. I’ve been watching NASCAR since the 70’s” and “I used to go races proudly with my pops. All lives matter. Stay out of Politics. You lost fans.” One Nascar driver, Ray Ciccarelli, even told the press in light of this recent decision, he will not be returning to tracks. To quote, he remarked, “I don’t believe in kneeling during anthem nor taken ppl right to fly whatever flag they love.” Why is the flag so controversial? Why is Nascar’s decision so important? We’ll tell you all you need to know below.

The Confederate Flag Controversy

Why is the Confederate Flag so controversial? Many of the liberals today believe that the flag represents racism. They believe the flag incites hate and violence and represents divide and everything bad in our country. But to many owners of the flag, they feel very differently. Many feel that it is an integral part of their history, their past, and their family heritage. Removing the flag would be erasing their own family history. Many even feel, who have no connection to the South, that this is a question of basic civil rights. Everyone is free to express their own beliefs. Hindering a citizen’s ability to hang a flag is in stark contrast to the first amendment and the freedom this country was built on. It may not seem like a big deal, but this can be the first step down a very slippery road. Nascar wasn’t the first to ban the confederate flag. The same conclusion was reached in the schoolyard just a few years prior.

Is The Confederate Flag Banned in School?

In 2016, a student having a confederate bumper sticker on their car was told by the school to remove it from school property. After the student refused to do so on grounds of his first amendment rights, the case went to the court and eventually to the Supreme court. At first, the court ruled in favor of the boy, but upon further investigation, the courts ruled that since the symbol could disrupt the learning environment of others, it could be banned. Moving forward, even if no violence or disruption occurs, schools can ban the flag because disruption might happen. Since then, no Confederate flag bumper sticker, t-shirts, or Confederate Flag mugs have been allowed in schools.

Is It Illegal To Have a Confederate Flag On Your Truck?

While you can’t hang a Confederate flag if you work for the government, are a student in school, or are a professional Nascar driver, you sure as hell can on your private property or on your truck. You may ruffle some liberal feathers or get some nasty remarks from fellow drivers on the road, but this is still a free country and you can do as you want. It’s no surprise though that people are asking this question. With the banning of the confederate flag from schools, and now Nascar; many are asking what’s next? The left is continuously pushing to take away our American rights. It’s not unthinkable to foresee a future where the Confederate Flag will be banned everywhere. So while the decision to ban it from schools or from Nascar races may not seem like a big deal, we’re beginning to metaphorically and literally drive down a very dangerous road.

What Does The Confederate Flag Stand For?

Why do so many people want to buy the confederate flag, confederate flag bumper stickers, shirts and other confederate flag accessories if they cause so much controversy? Because people are looking to hold on to what the Confederate Flag really stands for; which is freedom. The flag stand for the ability of every American, no matter what their beliefs, to do what they like as long as it does not harm others. The flag stands for the first amendment, and that every America is free to express their own beliefs without punishment. Every American is entitled to free speech. The Confederate flag is a major part of American history and our heritage and whether you like it or not, it’s a part of who we are. At the Dixie Shop, we do our best to uphold these American values and the history of our nation. Exercise your free will and get your Confederate Flag at the Dixie Shop today!