3'x 5' 300 Denier Stitched HEAVY Duty Canvas Confederate Flag

Regular price $ 39.99 Sale price $ 49.99

Why hide your heritage when it’s worth wearing on your sleeve?

Celebrate your heritage with Dixie Shop and spread the love with the special heavy duty Confederate Flags. Avail our range of beautiful Deneir Stitched Heavy Duty flags now for just $39.99.

Our Nylon Confederate Flag is a thick, cloth based, premium flag that weighs around 13.2 oz. What sets it apart is that it is sewn and tailored using the good, old fashioned methods. The Nylon Flag bears the mark of the classic beauty and has fancy brass grommets that also make it super practical for buyers.   


  • Dimensions: 3’x5’
  • Denier Stitched
  • Heavy Duty
  • Fully Nylon


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