It's Not Hate, It's Heritage Confederate Flag Sweatshirt

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"It's Not Hate, It's Heritage"

"It's Not Hate; Its Heritage" hoodies are perfect for making a statement quickly. Get your thoughts across with a vivid hoodie that sports confederate flag print sleeves and emblem in the design that quickly gets your side of the debate across. Perfect for cool evenings or even cold winters, you can sport this "It's Not Hate, It's Heritage" hoodie even North of the Mason-Dixon Line without having to worry about the elements!

Our customers love the soft, comfortable fabric and the looks they get while wearing this stylish heritage, not hate hoodie.

  • U.S. Vintage Authentic Wear
  • 80/20 Blend
  • Heavy Cotton Drawstring
  • Licensed Transfer
  • Unisex


(No reviews yet) Write a Review